Contemporary Sculptures and Paintings

Welcome Home – winner of Best 3D and People’s Choice at Sidney Fine Arts

The ideal I’m striving for combines accurate observation of the subject with loose, expressive application of materials. Accuracy of anatomy and expression fused with the natural roughness of a stubborn medium.

I like to work with materials that take some time to learn, a significant part of my pleasure in this work lies in experimenting with different methods of construction.  I love materials that fight back a little – it leads to art that shows it’s roots.  Visible welds, an armature revealed, the drawing showing through the paint; all document the hand-built process that makes art interesting in our increasingly cookie-cutter world.

I’ve been showing my art since 1997, and started to win juror’s awards from the first show. Since then, I’ve taken part in group and juried shows every year from Sooke to Sacramento, winning twenty-six awards including Best 3D and People’s Choice at Sidney Fine Arts and The Island Blue Juror’s Choice Award at Sooke Fine Arts.