Paper mache / Carton Pierre

I look for ways to play the looseness and texture of Carton Pierre and paper mache against accurate anatomical rendering of my subject. Horses are my main focus: their exceptional ability to communicate with their bodies makes them ideal subjects for sculpture. Their history intertwined with our own for thousands of years. Through war, farming, exploration, and business they have been our principle source of power and our closest partner. It is only very recently that we have become divided from them and I think that a deep connection still exists.

As a medium, Carton Pierre, a durable version of paper mache, is strong, relatively light compared to stone or metal, and a unique pleasure to work with. The oldest surviving piece is a coffin for a falcon from ancient Persia. Before plastics, it was heavily used for toys, dolls, architectural detail, medical models, frames, and much more. I love its ruggedness and versatility and feel that it compliments the organic physicality of the horse.

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